Best Toaster Oven Under $100

Are you looking for the best toaster oven under $100? There are so many options out there for toaster ovens. It can be hard to weed through everything available and decide which is going to be the best model to meet your needs.  Everyone has an opinion. After all, you already have a conventional oven,

A Buyer’s Guide to The Best Butcher Knives

From the casual home cook to the professional chef, the butcher knife is an integral and critical tool in your arsenal.  The butcher knife is vitally important for anyone who does a lot of grilling because you need to be able to separate cuts of meat into smaller portions. Everyone has a preference as to

Enameled Cast Iron Vs Cast Iron

Enameled Cast Iron Vs Cast Iron: What the Heck is the Difference Anyway? So, if you have spent a little time in the camping and cooking world, you most likely are aware that there are two distinct types of cast iron cookware.  There is the enameled type, which basically has a layer of glass that

Best Cast Iron Dutch Oven for Camping

Things have come full circle, and while we have all the modern conveniences in the world, more and more people find themselves trying to get back to nature. There are more and more people taking themselves and their families into the woods for camping trips, or learning to live off the land in an attempt

Philips Airfryer VS Tefal Actifry

Introduction There has been heated debate for a long time between Philips Airfryer vs Tefal Actifry. The question most asked between the two products is which one is better? Both brands are among the best air fryers on the market. I am not shocked with this debate. This is because purchasing an air fryer isn’t

Best Cookware for Glass Top Stoves

So, you just got a glass top stove from your husband as a gift for your birthday to match your newly-renovated kitchen. With all the pots and pans you currently have, you’re probably asking yourself, “What are the best cookware for glass top stoves?”, “What should I avoid using?”, “Do I need to throw away

What is the Best Cookware for You? Stainless Steel vs Non-Stick vs Cast Iron

So, you want to fill your kitchen with the tantalizing aroma of sautéed onions or a pork chop sizzling in your skillet. Delightful and tasty is how you want your loved ones to remember your kitchen. A good place to start is selecting the right cookware. Today, we are looking at three types: cast iron,

Wagner Cast Iron: The Fore Frontier of Cast Iron

Wagner Cast Iron History Although the Wagner Manufacturing Company started officially in 1891, before the production of Wagner Cast Iron, the Wagner Brothers, Bernard and Milton, who were the founders started making casting of light hardware for stores far back in 1881, they also manufactured tin holloware for Government contracts. Holloware consist of coffee pots,