Best Cast Iron Cookware

Best Cast Iron Cookware Brand That You Love To Have In Your Kitchen

Cast iron cookware has ultra durability and superb heat retention properties. Unlike ordinary cookware, they will outlast you and have a life span of centuries. Best cast iron cookware can be made from basic technique of forging melted iron into mold and requires a very low level of technology. Cast iron products carry the ability to endure extreme temperature and it’s an ideal choice of cooks for frying and searing. Most bare cast iron is made into a single piece that ensures extra strength and equal distribution of heat throughout the surface.

Bare cast iron cookware is the rawest form of cast iron and it is further seasoned with oil or animal fats to create a non-sticky surface, however many manufactures sold it with a protective coating of shellac or wax to avoid any rusting. This coating needs to be removed before using cookware as the sole purpose of coatings is to shield the iron surface against rust. Another type of cast iron is enamel coated cast iron cookware that has a smooth glazed finish. Unlike bare cast iron, it eliminates the need of seasoning and offers you much more flexibility in terms of cleaning. Besides all it can be painted in shiny colors to give a more attractive look.

Cast iron cookware is in use for a long time, while the boost in trend came around 19th and 20th century when a number of firms in Unites States started operation on a large scale. The cast iron cookwares of that time were highly appreciated by consumers and majority of utensils of that time are still in use, inherited by generations to new ones. Nowadays, the Lodge manufacturing company is the top brand in world of cast iron cookware, however Le Creuset and Wagner are also big names of this industry.

Best Cast Iron Cookware

· Lodge manufacturing company was founded in 1896 and is the few of the major companies left who survived over a century. Lodge manufacturing is the top company in the United States and one of the best suppliers of cast iron cookware. It provides a wide range of kitchen utensils that meets your every day need and due to its high grade material, the company is quite popular among its potential consumers. Being No. 1 brand of America, the average price range of its products falls under $100.

Le Creuset cast iron

· Le Creuset is renowned cookware company of France that was founded in 1925 and the pioneer manufacturer of cast iron cookware. The Le Creuset is famous for its colorful enamel coated cookware and offers a huge variety of products. Le Creuset is the No. 1 cookware manufacturer in Europe with an average price range of $250.

Griswold and Wagner

· Griswold and Wagner is the first company to initiate production of Cast iron cookware in 1865 and the brand is still most popular among its crazy fans. Now both brands are operated by the American Culinary Corporation, but you can still find original cookware of Griswold and Wagner at major stores. The average price of its classic cookware lies under $50.

Cast iron cookware is the best kitchen hardware that makes you work freely without any worry and in many places cast iron is considered as the benchmark for ideal cooking. The best cast iron cookware is good for health as it leaches nominal quantity of iron that mix up in your food and above all they are pure investment that last longer than your expectations.

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