Best Rice Cooker for Brown Rice

The shift is on today for people to eat more whole grain foods and watch their intake of excess salt and additives. Rice can be a healthy option in a balanced diet, especially whole grain or brown rice. Cooking brown rice can be tricky, but with the best rice cooker for brown rice on the market, yours will surely turn out to perfection.

The trick to cooking brown rice is the water to rice ratio. There has to be the right amount of moisture to soften and “open” the rice grain and expose all of that lovely flavor inside. With the right rice cooker, you will serve up the best brown rice you could imagine. The confusing part may be shopping for the best rice cooker for brown rice, since there are endless models available, ranging in price and function.

There are some key factors to consider when purchasing a rice cooker, which will ensure your end results are exactly as you envisioned.

First, budget is important. If you are not a restaurateur or a real foodie, you may not be looking to spend hundreds of dollars on a rice cooker you will use maybe once a week.

Secondly, functionality is important too. Can the rice cooker perform multiple tasks and save you time with other dishes as well? This will give you more bang for your buck.

And lastly, you should consider its ease of use. Many models of rice cookers are complicated with many buttons and controls, which can be very confusing and result in you not using the machine at all. Careful consideration needs to be given to these points when purchasing your rice cooker and you will find that the Hamilton Beach 37543 Rice & Hot Cereal Cooker comes in as the best rice cooker for brown rice and so much more.

best rice cooker for brown rice

The Hamilton Beach 37543 Rice & Hot Cereal Cooker is made of stainless steel and comes with a steamer basket as well. The 20 cup capacity allows for both big and small amounts of food to be prepared. Unlike many rice cookers on the market, this one comes in at a very affordable price range of about $35-50. It may not be the least expensive on the market, but definitely not at the highest end. It provides quality for price you pay. This rice cooker definitely meets the criteria for the budget friendly consideration.

This rice cooker does not only acting as the best rice cooker for brown rice, it also functions as a hot cereal/oatmeal cooker, grits, cream of wheat, and white rice as well. If you wish to use the steamer basket, you can steam vegetables, salmon, or anything your heart desires really. The steamer basket also doubles as a strainer to rinse and strain your rice grains. This cooker can even cook those pre-packaged rice and pasta dishes you purchase at the grocery store. The versatility of this rice cooker allows you to use it for more than just rice, save you time in preparing meals and in that way get you more for your dollar. Having all of these additional functions means you will be using your rice cooker more frequently throughout the week.

Cooking rice and other foods in your rice cooker should not be rocket science. You should not feel confused by the instructions, the buttons or controls nor the parts involved. The best rice cooker for brown rice will have simple, easy to use buttons and controls which allow you to set and go. The Hamilton Beach 37543 Rice & Hot Cereal Cooker definitely has this going for it.

The front panel features well labeled buttons which include: White Rice—for cooking all your white rices; Quick Rice—when you are in a hurry; Whole Grain—for your brown rice as well as quinoa, farro and other whole grains; Heat/Simmer—for pre-packaged rice or pasta, soups, beans or one-pot dishes; Steam Cook—for vegetables, meats etc.; Hot Cereals—oatmeal, cream of wheat, grits and more. The two additional buttons are the Warm button to keep things warm while you get other dishes ready, and the Delay Time button which allows you to set your cooker to come on while you are out, which is perfectly safe since the cooker will automatically switch to the Warm setting once your food has been cooked for the right time. You never have to guess how long to cook anything, the internal system does all that with the push of a button. The non-stick coating means your food won’t stick to the inner shell of the cooker while it waits, also making clean up super easy!

The best rice cooker for brown rice, and so much more, is the Hamilton Beach 37543 Rice & Hot Cereal Cooker with so much to offer the consumer. This cooker is not only great for beginners but also seasoned cooks in the kitchen. It won’t break the bank, at an affordable $35 to $50 price point, where other with less to offer are up over $100. There is a warranty on this rice cooker as well which will give you peace of mind. The many functions of this machine not only cook brown and white rice, but also hot cereal, soups, pre-packaged meals and even more. You won’t run out of uses for this rice cooker. It will make your time in the kitchen shorter and more efficient, and since your time is precious, makes it worth every penny you pay. When you set out to use this machine you won’t feel confused or overwhelmed by all of the different settings or controls to choose from. They are clearly labelled with easy to understand language. Each button explains easily what it will do to help you in the kitchen. You just have to choose which button matches the item you are cooking and the machine determines how long to cook for. The locking lid keeps everything inside safely while it cooks away and it will shift to Warm once done. This truly is a set it and leave it machine, with no fuss. Consider purchasing the Hamilton Beach 37543 Rice & Hot Cereal Cooker because it truly is the best rice cooker for brown rice and an abundance of other delicious dishes.

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