Philips Airfryer VS Tefal Actifry


Philips Airfryer VS Tefal Actifry

There has been heated debate for a long time between Philips Airfryer vs Tefal Actifry. The question most asked between the two products is which one is better? Both brands are among the best air fryers on the market.

I am not shocked with this debate. This is because purchasing an air fryer isn’t as easy as it seems. Each and everybody desires to buy an air fryer that will serve you for a long time without any complications. These two products are the most recommended in the market.

If you are among those people who find it difficult when choosing between Philips Airfryer vs Tefal Actifry, you better continue reading this article if you want some facts about both products. I will be able to answer some common questions you always ask yourself as I will compare both products.

Why is it very important to have an air fryer in your kitchen?

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Do you know that an air fryer is a very important equipment in the modern day kitchen? Yes, this is because it allows you to use very little cooking oil when cooking your favorite meals. And these air fryers make your food in exceptional healthier way than traditional fried food. And it does not affect the taste of your food in anyway. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Air fryer uses hot air technology that enables the machine to reduce the amount of oil in the food. This makes it easy to wash.

An air fryer does not only cook delicious foods, but can be used for both baking and grilling.

Who does an air fryer best suit?

This is a commonly asked question by those who are not familiar with air fryer. Here is some information that will help you.

  • An air fryer is suitable for those who don’t like cleaning up utensils – The hot air technology really helps. Both Philips Airfryer and Tefal Actifry don’t need a lot of efforts when cleaning compared to the traditional fryers.
  • Air fryer best suit those who want to lose weight. They cook food using very little cooking oil.
  • If you really love cooking faster, air fryers will gladly serve this purpose. Honestly speaking, I have never come across any product that cooks faster like an air fryer.

Important things to consider before purchasing an air fryer

There are many things a person must consider before buying an air fryer that best suits your needs and preference. These aspects can be used to answer certain questions about Philips airfryer vs Tefal Actifry.

Here are some important things that will help you when preparing to purchase an air fryer:

  • Size – Size really matters a lot because air fryers vary in size. There both medium and mammoth sizes. Size will also affect the amount of food you will prepare. Therefore; choose an air fryer that will serve your purpose.
  • Prize – Both Philips Airfryer and Tefal Actifry have different prices. Buy an air fryer that you can comfortably purchase without any strain.
  • Settings – Different dishes require different temperatures while preparing. There are some air fryers which have temperature controlling settings, whereas there as those which don’t have. I would advocate for an air fryer with settings. This allows you to cook your delicious food as required.
  • Special feature – All air fryers are not the same. There are some special features contained in some air fryers. These features are attractive and make cooking more convenient. Some of these features include being able to prepare more than one dish at the same time.
  • Wattage – There are air fryers that operate between 800 and 1425 watts. Please know your kitchen sockets watts. This will help you when choosing the most appropriate Airfryer for your kitchen.

Philips Airfryer VS Tefal Actifry

I hope you have learnt some very useful information about air fryers and also some tips which you can use when purchasing an air fryer.

We will look into the details and come up with comprehensive information about the debated topic about Philips Airfryer vs Tefal Actifry.

Philips Airfryer

Philips Airfryer is very commonly known in the air fryer industry and market. There are many types of Philips Airfryers that are highly rated. Philips Airfryer competes a lot with Tefal Actifry.

Philip Airfryer is can be described as a cooking expert. This is because the air fryer allows you to cook all your delicious foods like a professional chef under your own supervision. Secondly, Philips is mostly recommended by those who love either healthy foods or those on a diet. Furthermore; Philips Airfryer makes it possible to bake, grill and even roast your delicious foods.

Features of Philips Airfryer

  • Philips comes with a safe dishwasher parts
  • Temperature control
  • A timer used when cooking your delicious foods
  • Most of Philips fryers have an internal cord storage
  • Capacity between 1.8lb
  • These air fryers can operate within 1425 watts
  • I’s review price ranges from $180

Health benefits of using Philips Airfryer

We will all agree when I state that Air fryers have outdated deep fryers. The bad thing about deep fryers is that they don’t limit the amount of fat in the food. This is not healthy and in the process many people have become obese to the point of others contracting very dangerous diseases such as cancer.

Air fryers have the following health benefits:

  • They enable us to have healthy meals. Dish prepared using Philips Airfryer does not have a lot of fats, which can be dangerous for our body.

How does it feel like to use Philips Airfryer?

I have never come across any Philips product that is not appealing to the eyes. It is very easy to use Philips Airfryer. Simply toss your food into the bowl. The next step involves popping them into the air fryer.

Ensure that the temperature is exactly as stated when cooking your desired food. Wait until the food is ready. Results are very impressive. This is one of the reasons why there is debate about Philips Air fryer vs Tefal Actifry to try and determine which one is the best.

Pros about Philips Airfryer

  • A person is able to prepare food faster compared to deep fryers. It best suits those who have a very busy schedule
  • It is very easy to clean
  • Your house doesn’t have a greasy smell after cooking
  • It is very easy and simple to learn and operate
  • It can be used for more than one function. That is grilling and roasting
  • Most Philip air fryers are installed with automatic shutdown


  • It is expensive. Not everyone is capable of affording this type of air fryer
  • It can accommodate small cooking only
  • It does not fit on most counter tops


Who doesn’t love bonuses? I guess no one. Philip air fryers are accompanied by a recipe food comprising over about 30 recipes. Furthermore; some Philip Air fryers are accompanied by a double layer grill rack.

Tefal Actifry

Tefal Actifry is well known because of the competition, it has with Philips Airfryer. Tefal Actifry promises that you can cook food without using any cooking oil. This will not affect the taste of the food.

This is great. Whenever I think about Tefal Actifry, evolution of the kitchen comes into my mind. Tefal promises that you cook your food faster when compared to other sources of cooking. This is actually true because there are many testimonials supporting this statement.

Furthermore; it promises very healthy foods suitable for all persons. There is no doubt that Tefal Actifry is one of the best air fryers on the market. This is why there has been a heated debate between Philips Airfryer vs Tefal Actifry.

Key features of Tefal Actifry

  • It has dishwasher safe parts. This makes washing very easy.
  • It has a fixed temperature
  • It has a rotating ceramic cooking bowl
  • Tefal Actifry has a stirring paddle
  • It has a see through lid which allows you to monitor your cooking
  • It has a capacity of 2.2 pounds
  • 1 year warranty

How does it feel when using Tefal Actifry

One thing I love about Tefal Actifry is that it is very easy to use. Its manual is precise and direct to the point. Tefal Actifry has no heating buttons. The only thing available is a plus and a minus button to select your cooking time.

This fully depends on the type of food you are using. It is very impossible or rather, hard to cook without the paddle which is accompanied with the Actifry on the day of purchase.

Tefal usually has a spoon for measuring cooking oil. This Actifry can cook food without using little or no Oil at all.

Quick tips on how to cook using a Tefal Actifry

  • Ensure you use only products suitable for  frying
  • Place the raw potatoes into the Actifry and add one spoon of cooking oil
  • Check your food after the recommended cooking time has lapsed

Pros about Tefal Actifry

  • It is portable
  • It has two buttons. This makes it easy to use and operate the Actifry
  • It is easy to clean using both a dishwasher or hands
  • It cooks healthy foods. It uses little or no cooking oil at all.
  • Its timer button can run up to 99 minutes


  • Its temperature cannot be adjusted. It is not suitable for cooking certain foods which require very delicate temperatures
  • It is very expensive
  • The sides of the machine get very hot when cooking
  • It does not have an automatic switch off. There is possibility of overcooking if not careful

Philips Airfryer vs Tefal Actifry

I hope the above information has been so much helpful. I believe you have learnt many things about the two products. The debate about Philips Airfryer vs Tefal Actifry is very difficult to answer.

Let us look at some deep comparison between the two products.

  • Tefal Actifry has a large capacity when compared to Philips Airfryer. The difference is 2.2 pounds for the Actifry against 1.8pounds for Philip Airfryer
  • Philips is best for cooking both delicate and normal meals. This is because you can adjust to the temperature your food needs using buttons. The temperature ranges from 180-390 degrees. On the other hand, Tefal Actifry temperature is always constant. This feature makes it impossible to cook delicate foods
  • Tefal Actifry has a paddle which enables constant stirring of the food while it is cooking. This is not the case as in the Philips Airfryer which require you to stop cooking once a while to shake the food inside the basket
  • Philips Airfryer is designed in a way that it will automatically shut itself down when the timer stops. This will prevent food from burning in case you are not near. Tefal Actifry does not have an automatic shutdown. You personally have to shut it. This is disadvantageous as food can easily burn if you are not around or keen
  • It is impossible to roast a whole chicken using Tefal Actifry. Tefal has a round shaped bowl with a hole in the centre. On the other hand, Philips Air fryer is able to perform this task. I once came across people stating that the cooking basket of Philips Airfryer is real and more practical when compared to Tefal. Well, I have no comment about that.


Honestly speaking, I have never come across two kitchen fryers as these ones. Both Fryers are designed to help people eat healthy by reducing the amount of cooking oil used when cooking. Due to this feature of the two air fryers, deep fryers will soon be outdated as time goes by.

I will advise you on a couple of things before allowing you to make that decision on which product is better. First, we can clearly see; both products have different unique features. These features will help you choose on the fryer to choose from. Choose a feature that will serve your intended purpose for the purchase.

Secondly; both fryers are of quality. They can give you many years of service considering that they are quite expensive.Lastly, identify the amount of people you want the fryer to serve. This will help you determine the size of the fryer to purchase.

I personally cannot identify which one is better. I have had the chance to use both products. Both have given me wonderful results. I conclude by asking the following question, which one is better between Philips Airfryer vs Tefal Actifry?

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